Animation Baker vs Animation Baker Pro. Comparison.


Animation Baker Pro v1.1 released

Animation Baker Pro provides packet conversion of humanoid animation clips into legacy or generic clips.
I.e. you can retarget any humanoid animation onto any humanoid character and produce new animation clip native to character's skeleton.
Pro version has immediate conversion function instead of realtime recording in free version of Animation Baker. Speed of conversion depends on power of your hardware so it is a lot faster and greatly saves the time. Also Pro version allows to create prefabs with characters and automatically adds created animation clips to it.


Animation Baker updated to v1.6.5

- "Clear" button added to animations list and characters list to clear respective list
- Search field added to both lists. It helps quickly and easy find desired item in list by selecting it in the project view or by entering name directly into search field
- Labels with animation names now are selectable, so if animation name is too long - it can be scrolled by selecting label's text


Animation Baker and Scene Motion Capture became free.

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Scene Motion Capture updated to v1.12

-supports Unity 5

-animation clip for Unity 5 can be automatically marked as "Legacy" or "Generic"


Animation Baker updated to v1.6.2

- supports Unity 5

- animation clip  for Unity 5 can be marked as "Legacy" or "Generic"

- frame rate now saves with preferences

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Scene Motion Capture Tutorial


Animation Baker updated to v 1.6

- added ability to add a prefix to the name of created clip


Animation Baker updated to v 1.59

- fixed issue with changing of recording sample rate


Animation Baker updated to v 1.58

- fixed error of Quaternion to Matrix conversion that could happen in combination of specific animation clips and characters


Animation Baker updated to v1.57

- fixed problem with ignoring rotation constraints  for root bone

- fixed double loading of preferences when switch to play mode while AB window is opened

- root constraints now enabled by default as it fit for most cases


Animation Baker updated to v 1.55

 - simplified process of adding characters and animation clips into AnimationBaker window.


Now you can just select desired characters/animation clips and click on area inside AB window instead of creating individual slot for each character/animation clip.


Animation Baker updated to v 1.54

- added other interpolation method for rotation curves that prevents wrong interpolation of rotation of  the bones that could happen in some cases.


- fixed problem of referencing to UnityEditor.dll when making a build.


Scene Motion Capture updated to v 1.11

From now SMC works only in ligament with Animation Baker v 1.52 (or higher), price reduced by 50% .

Everyone who already bought SMC v 1.0 by old price please contact me  through Support page to get AB v 1.52 for free.


Animation Baker updated to v 1.52

Now Animation Baker can be used in ligament with Scene Motion Capture v 1.1


Scene Motion Capture v1.0 released

SMC is a tool that allows you to capture any changes of transform of any objects in your scene and save it as Unity animation file. You can capture procedural or physical motion of any object including characters with any Mecanim transitions and IK influence, ragdolls etc.


Animation Baker v 1.5 released

Main changes:

- from now Animation Baker works in its own window

- batch mode added, now you can bake any number of animations for any number of characters without unnecessarily set up animation for each character each time

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